Fresh. Honest. Tea.

Born in London, Brixton Tea ® brings you fresh loose-leaf tea from around the world.

We trade fairly and honestly with local suppliers.  These direct relationships enable us to bring you unbeatably fresh tea.

Our philosophy is simple; Real, fresh produce, tastes better, and is better for you.  

In Britain, we pride ourselves on being a tea-drinking nation, but in reality, since the popularisation of the tea bag in the 1950s, our expectation of the humble cuppa has steadily declined. 

Brixton Tea ® is helping a new generation discover what a real cup of tea can be.  Fresh loose-leaf tea retains more of the natural goodness and flavour of the original Camellia sinensis plant (the tea plant).

In many ways we’re part of much wider movement, a movement where people increasing want to understand where their food and drink is coming from.  They want to know that it's ethically and sustainably sourced and they want to know how and where it’s produced.

Each of our teas come from a different region or terroir, each with a unique climate, altitude and soil, all of which give the tea a distinct and individual set of characteristics. 

We’re a British, family owned and run, business and source and sell tea across the globe.