Brixton Tea ®, Ruby Spice Chai Tea 100g
Brixton Tea ®, Ruby Spice Chai Tea 100g
Brixton Tea ®, Ruby Spice Chai Tea 100g

Ruby Spice Chai Tea 100g

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    A bold and fiery spice-infused chai that will warm you to your soul.

    Dense malt dotted with notes of cinnamon, cardamom and clove.

    Dark reddish-brown

    Unlike many chai that can have overpowering and jarring spice notes, this infusion is very smooth, warm tasting and well-balanced. The flavours of spices pair perfectly with the malty notes from the tea. Its finish carries a soothing warmth from the ginger.

    Editor's notes:
    This was a simpler chai blend than some of our others but has turned out to be a real run-away success with our customers.

    I would always suggest brewing a chai using milk on the stove, but actually, this one also works really well with water, either on its own or with a dash of milk to taste. If you want something really special, add a bit of honey :)

    Black tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves



    Serving suggestions:
    Drink plain or with sugar, honey or milk

    Brew directions:

    • 1.25 tsp
    • 5 mins
    • 180 ml
    • 85-90°C 

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